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GMC 1-71 Blower and Engine

1-71 blower 1-71 blower 1-71 blower

There is not a lot of information about the 1-71 GMC diesel engine and corresponding blower designed for it. There are not a lot of pictures as well. There were fewer than 900 of these units built. While having a short blower body, you can still see the basic GMC end plate shape. These units are 1.2 Liters, 71 cubic inches, and rated at 10 HP. We can't find rotor length dimensions. If you know, or have internal pictures, please email us.

September 2016 - A nice man, Allan Shannon, is rebuilding a 1-71 unit, and sent us some pics (bottom of page) and additional information. The rotors are the same diameter as the multi-cylinder blowers, but only 2.162" in length. Same seals and other components. Interesting. Thanks, Allan.

1-71 blower 1-71 blower 1-71 blower 1-71 blower

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